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The Risk of Dilating Eyes

The Risk of Dilating Eyes

With the development of lifestyles, dilating eyes becomes one of interesting thing from some people. Do you know what is it? Eye dilation here is the term which defines that your eye will be dilated so it can be prettier. In this case, the doctor will give you eye drops to make your pupil can be wider. Thus when normal people should be in the dark to get a wider people, but they who have done this medication will get a wider pupil in normal condition. Usually, it is done to help the doctor to treat eye disease.

The Risk of Dilating Eyes

The Risk of Dilating Eyes
The Risk of Dilating Eyes

Of course, this treatment will give you a high risk of your eyes are PERRLA health although the reason is in order to doctor easier to find the best way for eye diseases. Moreover, what is the risk which people can get by doing this kind of medication? For you who need a further information relating to it, below is the information you can read.

  1. Get a high risk of some diseases

To begin with, doing eye dilation actually, can give you such a high risk of getting some diseases. It starts from diabetes to high blood pressure. Indeed if you want to get a lower risk of getting the high risk of those diseases indeed not to do eye dilation is the best idea. In addition, the other diseases like macular degeneration and return detachment come to be the next risk of doing the treatment.

  1. Glaucoma

Dilating eyes that can cause glaucoma. You may have heard about this disease, haven’t you? It is actually the condition when your eyes get a high glucose there. This condition then triggers the problem of sight. Even the serious stage of glaucoma can cause blindness since there is too much glucose in the eyes.

  1. Blurred vision

About another risk which may be got by people who do eye dilation is blurred vision. Here they cannot see the object clearly or as clear as before. That is why there are many people who do this treatment get a worse vision since the eyes are more sensitive to the light.

Furthermore when you want to do eye dilating, here are several important things which you should be considered. What are they? Those are like your eye health and your overall health. If you find that you have a worse eye health it’s can be better for you not to do the treatment because it just will make your eyes condition worsen. That is the same with your overall health condition in which don’t do it when you are sick since it will make you face another serious problem actually.

For another consideration is your age. When your age a does not a support to do this medication, so I don’t do it. Of course, it is important to consider that two things before since it can help you to avoid many risks of getting some diseases having been mentioned before. However, you can ask your doctor before doing dilating eyes so all the risk above can be avoided.

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Stye In Your Eye: Types and Treatment

Stye In Your Eye: Types and Treatment

Have you heard about stye or maybe get a stye in your eye? You all may know what condition is. It is the condition in which the eyelid has hordeolum or also called as a stye. The hordeolum itself can be inside or outside and although it’s small it is painful to be touched. Stye itself is an abscess that is filled with pus. For the case itself, the common one is there is eye infection of staphylococcus bacteria. Even though the bacteria is the same with pinkeye, for this condition it will not contagious as pinkeye. Many people actually experience this condition one or two times in their life.

Types of Stye

Stye In Your Eye Types and Treatment
Stye In Your Eye Types and Treatment

Moreover, there are several types of a stye that you all must know. By knowing the types of it indeed you are able to the best treatment to make it better. Actually, there are only two types of stye you should know and for the first one is called as an external stye. This condition happens when there is a small stye next to your eyelash. It can be red, swelling and Refraction Eye Exam indeed painful for some days. After that, it will be burst then heal. You don’t need to worry because this type is usually short-lived.

Meanwhile, about another stye in your eye is called as internet stye. As its name, the spot will be on the underside of your lid. Almost the same with the external one, here you will find stye spot becomes swelling, red and paid fully. For the location itself usually on the eyelid. Different from the external stye this one may leave such a small module or fluid-filled cyst. That is why you need to open it.


After that what is the cause of stye? Usually, this condition is caused by bacteria called as staphylococcal bacteria. The bacteria is actually often live on people’s skin surface so it’s possible for us to get stye more than once a time in life. Not only it, chalazion becomes another cause of stye and it happens when there is a blockage in eyelid gland ducts. The oily substance which is blocked will be trapped and it triggers a pimple in the eyelid. Thus if you have a stye, there are two possibilities why you get it.


Furthermore for those who are getting a stye, actually there will be several treatments which you can do here. By doing the best treatments indeed you will get well soon and be confident to pass your day without stye on your eyelid anymore.

  1. Using salve

For the next one is you use salve which is special for a stye. Just apply it to a pimple and then you will get the benefits some days later. In this case, it is better to ask to doctor in choosing the salve.

  1. Seeing doctor

When you think that the stye condition becomes worse the best thing to do is seeing to doctor and get the medicine soon. You can do it if there is something different with a stye in your eye.

Watery Eye Baby: Causes and Treatment

Watery Eye Baby: Causes and Treatment

As it is known that babies are very sensitive to all the things surrounding them like watery eyes baby. This is actually a problem commonly found among the babies. About the symptoms itself, your baby eyes maybe will get redness, watery eyes and also redness. This condition maybe doesn’t indicate such a serious problem. However, it can be worse when there is no treatment done. In another word, as parents you need to know well about this kind of problem and to get a further information relating to it, there is some explanation about the causes and treatment of watery eyes in babies as in the following paragraphs.

Causes of Watery Eyes in Babies

To begin with, indeed the thing that you have to know well is about the causes of watery eyes in babies. In this case actually, there are several causes which can cause the problem.

  1. Infection

Infection like pinkeye can be one of the reasons why your baby gets watery eyes. Here it is one of the symptoms happens and about the other symptoms of pinkeye are discharge and redness in eyes. This infection occurs because of fungi, viruses or bacteria. The important thing you need to know here is pinkeye is highly contagious so it can pass easily to another family member.

  1. Tear Ducts

About another cause that can trigger watery eyes baby is tear duct. In the eyes, there is tear duct and when it is blocked in your baby, of course, tears cannot drain normally. In this condition the symptoms not only watery eyes but also there are others like pus-like discharge and then redness.

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Treatments for Watery Eyes in Babies

Watery Eye Baby Causes and Treatment
Watery Eye Baby Causes and Treatment

Moreover how about the treatments which can be done for watery eyes in babies? Actually, there are some best treatments which you can do to help your baby to avoid worsening condition caused by watery eyes. In addition, what are those treatments?

  1. Using Eye Drop

You may know that eye drop can be one of the solutions to help your babies here. By the use of eye drop, it actually will help your baby to relieve the symptoms or it can resolve the infection. In choosing the eye drop itself, you should be careful. You may ask the doctor first to get the best one.

  1. Using Warm Water

Besides using eye drop, another treatment which you can do is using warm water. Here you should prepare towel and warm water. The step has you wet the towel with warm water prepared after that hold it in his closed eyelids gently. By doing this you will help your baby to clean the eyes and indeed it can make them better.

  1. Seeing the doctor

If all of that treatment above doesn’t give you any change of your baby condition, it is your time to see the doctor. By doing this of course you can prevent such a worsening condition. Even it’s better you see the doctor as soon as possible in order that your baby will get well soon from the watery eyes baby problem.

Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment for Watery Eye Cat

Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment for Watery Eye Cat

Watery eye cat is known as epiphora is a condition which causes the abnormal overflow of tears in the cat. This kind of condition usually see from the brachycephalic breeds like Persians and Himalayans, so if you have one of those species, you should know what you should do while your pet has this sign of watery eye. The watery eye also connected to the other two congenital abnormalities like entropion and distichiasis. Both are the conditions which the eyelashes or eyelids turn inward causing the irritation to their eyeball.

Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment for Watery Eye Cat
Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment for Watery Eye Cat

If your cat has allergies, viral infection or similar to a common cold, or a foreign object trapped into their eye, they eyes will become watery for a temporary period. Meanwhile, if your cat’s eyes have been watery since their birth or get watery extended for a long time, you have to go the veterinarian to check it to what kind of problem they had.

To notice whether your cat’s eye get this watery problem or not, you should notice some symptoms which can help you in treating them well. The common symptoms are:

  • Reddish or brown staining on your cat’s face below their eyes
  • Ulceration of their cornea
  • Droopy skin around their eyes orbit
  • Eye discharge
  • Inflammation of their eyes
  • Scratching of their eyes
  • Squinting
  • Red eyes

If your cat has one or more those symptoms, you should know how you should do, but if your cat has good health, you should know the causes of these watery eye cat problems. The causes of this problem are various, such as:

  • Distemper
  • Parasites
  • Trapped foreign elements
  • Facial bone fractures
  • Scratches
  • Trauma
  • Glaucoma
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • Eyelid tumors
  • Entropion, the turning inward of their eyelashes
  • Distichiasis, the irregular growth of their eyelashes
  • Tear duct blockage
  • Feline Leukemia Virus
  • Feline Infectious Peritonitis
  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

For those cases, there are some treatments which will help you in curing the watery eye based on the causes itself. The treatments are:

  • Removal the foreign thing which is trapped in their eyes
  • Using antihistamine treatment for managing their allergies
  • Using topical antibiotics for infection treatment
  • Use the pain alleviating ointments to aid the healing process of congenital abnormalities, conjunctivitis, and trauma
  • Use catheter for the tear duct blockage case to open the duct and allow the fluid to pass
  • Surgical repair of their eyelid for the abnormal eyelid formation like entropion
  • Removing hairs using a cryosurgery for distichiasis
  • Surgically removed for eyelid tumors

Those are the treatments you should do if your cat has certain causes of water eye problem. To ensure what kind of causes of the watery eye in your cat, you should go to the veterinarian to know further about it. Let them diagnose and make the perception of your cat’s problem. You should ensure that the problem of watery eye cat has the best treatment for your own pet.

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How to Get Rid of a Stye on Your Eye in 2 Steps

How to Get Rid of a Stye on Your Eye in 2 Steps

How to Get Rid of a Stye on Your Eye in 2 Steps – Having stye in your eye will make your whole day going bad, so you need to know about how to get rid of a stye on your eye first. Before we are going to discuss this problem, you should know that this kind of problem is harmless and also it can heal by itself but it takes a long time for about a week. However, even if this problem will heal itself for a week, but still it disturbs your sight well.

You should notice that there are 2 steps for you can make you get rid of this kind of problem in an easy way. Some home remedies will help you in getting rid of this stye faster or just for reducing some swelling and discomfort things from these red eyelid lumps.

There are 2 steps for you in how to get rid of a stye easily which you can try it in your home:

  1. First of all, you should keep your eyelids clean. You should clean up your eyelids by using diluted tear-free of baby shampoo on a cotton ball and washcloth. After it, you have to rinse your eyelids by using warm water and then gently pat them to dry.


  • You should wash your hands first before and also after touching your stye
  • Ensure you have to clean your washcloths or towels you use it for wash the stye and make sure you don’t share it with others
  • Stop using makeup first when you have the stye because it can delay healing process and also the applicator of your makeup will be contaminated of the stye
  • It will be better if you stop using contact lenses and replace it with glasses
  1. You can apply the warm compresses for 10 up to 15 minutes per day or if you want to heal it faster, you can apply it three or even four times a day.


  • Some people use the teabags for this healing process, you also can do it but basically, all you need is a warm cloth to compress not the hot one.
  • You should wring the cloth from the warm water, so you should not drip the warm water to it.
  • The compression of warm water will open the stye to drain and heal on its own without causing any kind of trauma to your eyelid. For this problem, you should not get anxious and want to try to pop it or squeeze it to avoid the spreading infection of a stye.
How to Get Rid of a Stye on Your Eye in 2 Steps
How to Get Rid of a Stye on Your Eye in 2 Steps

If your stye is having recover, you should ensure that you prevent any kind of your bad habits for the cause of this problems. You have to notice you should keep your eyelid clean, so if you use makeup, don’t forget to remove and clean it before going to bed. Those are two easy steps of how to get rid of a stye which you can apply it in your home and make the healing process of the stye will be faster than you wait it heals by its self for a week.

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How to Use Polymyxin B-Tmp Eye Drops

How to Use Polymyxin B-Tmp Eye Drops

Do you know what the Polymyxin B-Tmp eye drops? Polymyxin B Sulf-Trimethoprim is a kind of eye drop medication which you can use to treat such as bacterial infections like conjunctivitis or blepharitis. It contains two antibiotics. They are Polymyxin B for killing bacteria itself, and Trimethoprim for stopping the bacteria to grow.

How to Use Polymyxin B-Tmp Eye Drops
How to Use Polymyxin B-Tmp Eye Drops

You also should note that this kind of eye drop is only for the bacterial eye infections, so you can’t use it for any kind of other eye infections. If you use this eye drop but you don’t have any guidance of the doctor, it will lead to decrease its effectiveness. Thus, if you want to use this kind of eye drops, you need to check it to your doctor before you use it. Everybody has a different dose of eye drops, depend on how bad their bacterial infections are. By going to the doctor, it will help you to have perfect dose such what you need it, so you should use these eye drops based on the dose which doctor given to you.

If you have a perfect dose for helping you in curing your bacterial infections with these Polymyxin B-Tmp eye drops, you should know how to use it to ensure your treatment will be a success and you can get full remedies from these eye drops.

These are 6 ways for you to use these eye drops to ensure you can get maximum treatment from this cure to help you in curing the bacterial infections:

  • First of all, you should wash your hand and make sure you wash it cleanly. Notice that, you should not touch the tip of the eye drops, just let it touch your eye or any other surfaces. It will help you in avoiding the contamination from your hand. However, it is an eye drop, so you just have to use it for your eyes only, not to inject or swallow it.
  • You should tilt your head to the back, then look upward, and then pull down your lower eyelid, on the right or left eye it is up to you, to make you easy in dropping the eye drops to your eye. It is also to make a pouch in your eye.
  • Then, you have to hold the dropper directly to your eye and also place one drop into the pouch gently. This way is the best way to drop the eye drops in the pouch than directly to other parts of your eye which also is directed by doctors.
  • After it, you need to look downward and close your eyes gently, then place one of your fingers to the corner of the eye, close to the nose. You should give gentle pressure for one or 2 minutes before you are opening your eyes. Try to do not blink or even rub your eyes.
  • Repeat these steps if your dose is more than one drop or you can go to another eye and do the same steps as what you have done before.

Those are how to use Polymyxin B-Tmp eye drops based on the doctor’s suggestion you should apply it step by step.

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Alrex Eye Drops Uses and Dosage

Alrex Eye Drops Uses and Dosage

Are you wondering about the uses and dosage of Alrex eye drops? Well, it is actually common for people who have just received a new medicine to wonder about the uses, benefit, side effects, dosage or everything about the medicine they receive. When it comes to Alrex, it is actually an eye drop which is frequently used to ease a symptom or sign of allergy in our eyes. When it becomes a thing to ease allergy, it does not mean that you can simply use it once you feel allergy reactions. It is because you need to know more about this eye drop first.

In the first place, it is necessary to learn about what you need to do while you take this medicine. Well, there are actually some things that you need to do as you take this medicine. You can find about this information as follow.

Alrex Eye Drops Uses and Dosage
Alrex Eye Drops Uses and Dosage

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  • The first is that you need to make sure that you can really use the medicine. You may ask your doctor, pharmacist or nurse about this one.
  • The second one is to be careful when you are driving or when you are doing any other task which has something to do with clear eyesight.
  • Then, you must know that long-term use of this eye drop may enhance your chance to suffer from glaucoma or cataracts. So, you need to consult with your doctor about it as well.
  • Next, you must remember that you should not use Alrex eye dropslonger than what your doctor told you as he or she gives this medicine for you.
  • After that, you may need to wear sunglasses since bright light may disturb your vision.
  • If you are pregnant or during breastfeeding, it is necessary for you to tell your doctor about the condition since you must know about the risk that may occur.

Moreover, it is also necessary for you to learn about how Alrex is best taken. Of course, you must follow your doctor’s instruction when using this eye drops medicine. Since it is an eye drop, you must remember that it is for eye use only. Then, you should use the medicine as long as you are being told to do so by your care provider. Remember that you need to wash your hands before as well as after you use the eye drop. Afterwards, you need to make sure that you are not touching the tip of the container.

In addition, what should we do when we miss our dose in one time or another? In case you miss a single dose for using the eye drop, you can use the eye drop as perrla eyes soon as you remember about it. However, if you remember about the dose when the next dose is coming, it is better for you to skip the dose and use your normal time to use the eye drop medicine. Subsequently, you must remember that you should not use two doses or additional doses when using the Alrex eye drops.