How to Undilate Eyes in Healthy Ways

When it is actually normal for our eyes to dilate and undilate by themselves, you may wonder how to undilate eyes and how to dilate eyes by command. As we know, our eyes, more exact our pupils will become bigger as we see darkness while it becomes smaller as we see the brightness. It is a natural phenomenon of eyes that it adjusts its pupil when the amount of light is different. This is the normal way for eyes to dilate and undilate. Now the question is how can we make our pupil get smaller by our command?

If you are wondering the way to make your pupil gets smaller fast, there are actually some ways that you can try when you want to undilte your eyes fast. The first is to use eye drop. You can find several prescription eye drops which contain pilocarpine and phenylephrine to help your eyes to undilate faster. At this point, you may need to meet an oculist first to learn about the best eye drop that is able to help you undilating your eyes fast. Then, how about the other strategies that we can do to make our eyes undilate fast in a healthy way?

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How to Undilate Eyes

How to Undilate Eyes
How to Undilate Eyes

Now, let’s jump to the second way. The second way to make our eyes undilate fast is by wearing colored eye contacts which have the ability to constrict our pupil. This can be the best way you try since you can simply wear eye contact to undilate your eyes. As you search about how to undilate eyes in a healthy way, you may find that wearing contact is the one that you want to do the most. However, you must remember that you need the one that can constrict your pupil since it will result differently if you do not get this one.

Next, there is another way that we can try to undilate our eyes. On this third way, you are supposed to stay in brighter place if you want to make your eyes stay small. As we have discussed before, our eyes are naturally getting smaller when we go out from seeing darkness then see something brighter. As a consequence, we can consider staying in a place that has enough light and a little brighter to make our eyes undilate. For instance, you can stay outside your home when it is sunny, so you can keep your eyes smaller.

On the other hand, if you are really suffering from dilated eyes, the best thing to do is actually waiting for our eyes undilated by themselves. It is surely healthier that you do not need to worry about any side effect. However, if you want to try some methods that may work to undilate your eyes, you can try some of the methods above or you can check with eyes are PERRLA. Remember that you may not need to try something that is too dangerous for your eyes just only you want to get it smaller. That’s all a little information about how to undilate eyes in healthy ways.