How to Use Polymyxin B-Tmp Eye Drops

Do you know what the Polymyxin B-Tmp eye drops? Polymyxin B Sulf-Trimethoprim is a kind of eye drop medication which you can use to treat such as bacterial infections like conjunctivitis or blepharitis. It contains two antibiotics. They are Polymyxin B for killing bacteria itself, and Trimethoprim for stopping the bacteria to grow.

How to Use Polymyxin B-Tmp Eye Drops
How to Use Polymyxin B-Tmp Eye Drops

You also should note that this kind of eye drop is only for the bacterial eye infections, so you can’t use it for any kind of other eye infections. If you use this eye drop but you don’t have any guidance of the doctor, it will lead to decrease its effectiveness. Thus, if you want to use this kind of eye drops, you need to check it to your doctor before you use it. Everybody has a different dose of eye drops, depend on how bad their bacterial infections are. By going to the doctor, it will help you to have perfect dose such what you need it, so you should use these eye drops based on the dose which doctor given to you.

If you have a perfect dose for helping you in curing your bacterial infections with these Polymyxin B-Tmp eye drops, you should know how to use it to ensure your treatment will be a success and you can get full remedies from these eye drops.

These are 6 ways for you to use these eye drops to ensure you can get maximum treatment from this cure to help you in curing the bacterial infections:

  • First of all, you should wash your hand and make sure you wash it cleanly. Notice that, you should not touch the tip of the eye drops, just let it touch your eye or any other surfaces. It will help you in avoiding the contamination from your hand. However, it is an eye drop, so you just have to use it for your eyes only, not to inject or swallow it.
  • You should tilt your head to the back, then look upward, and then pull down your lower eyelid, on the right or left eye it is up to you, to make you easy in dropping the eye drops to your eye. It is also to make a pouch in your eye.
  • Then, you have to hold the dropper directly to your eye and also place one drop into the pouch gently. This way is the best way to drop the eye drops in the pouch than directly to other parts of your eye which also is directed by doctors.
  • After it, you need to look downward and close your eyes gently, then place one of your fingers to the corner of the eye, close to the nose. You should give gentle pressure for one or 2 minutes before you are opening your eyes. Try to do not blink or even rub your eyes.
  • Repeat these steps if your dose is more than one drop or you can go to another eye and do the same steps as what you have done before.

Those are how to use Polymyxin B-Tmp eye drops based on the doctor’s suggestion you should apply it step by step.

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