The Process of Perrla Nursing

Perrla Nursing is an acronym for health care. This acronym is used to express the eye under normal conditions. This practice requires evaluation, intervention, planning, documentation and assessment. The nurse will provide this assessment to healthcare, communications and other medicines. The nurse helps the patient to cure the disease. Nurses need practical guidance to perform this examination.

Perrla Assessment Nursing

This examination includes assessment of eye function, the examination performed by ophthalmoscope, and external examination. An anterior segment of the eye can be examined using visual inspection. The The Process of Perrla Nursing will observe the general appearance of eyelashes and eyelids. Redness around the eyes should also be observed in full. Eyes can experience hardening of the skin. Other detail things to do on eye examination are eyelid growth and eye growth. Eyes with excessive tears can give results that are different from normal conditions. The patient can turn the eyes to know the mobility and position of the eye. The pupil’s response is the second part performed in an eye exam. Normal pupils have a centralized location, equal size, and round. There are 25% of normal people born with uneven pupils. The patient should fix the view for distant objects.

Process of Perrla Nursing
Process of Perrla Nursing

The eyes should be covered and see the flashlight flashing right in front of the head. The pupils will contract and narrow because of the light. This is a direct reaction that contracts due to light. Another check is a reaction to the near point. If a distant object becomes close, the normal pupil will contract automatically. The next examination is Ophthalmoscope. The eye will see objects from the lens. This check will be performed by the doctor on a regular basis.

Pupil Assessment Nursing

The functional examination consists of the power to perform accommodation. This is done by gluing the line in front of the eye and moving to the starting point when the patient can read the line. The point of accommodation is the closest point that can be read by the patient. The visual field will refer to the object that the eye sees when the eye is facing straight ahead. Visual field checking is done using confrontation method. Patients and nurses will sit in opposite positions. This requires a distance of 2 to 3 feet. Everyone will focus their eyes on someone else’s nose. The nurse will extend the arm to the side and move the arm. The The Process of Perrla Nursing should bring a finger to the visual field so that the patient can see the finger. Another method is used for color checking. Nurses use color plates to distinguish between blue, red, and green.

Other tests used Snellen graphs. The eyes should be tested separately. Patients should be tested while wearing glasses and without glasses. This test requires a distance of 6 meters. Vision can be seen from the fraction. The numerator serves to indicate the distance when the examination is performed on the patient’s mat. Denominators can show the smallest line the patient can read at that distance. The patient sits at a distance of 6 meters and the smallest line that can be read is 30 meters. If the patient cannot read the largest line within 1 meter, then the nurse should see the patient’s ability to see finger movements in front of the face. If the patient still fails the test, the patient should see the light and the nurse will ask for direction from the light. That is the process of Perrla Nursing.

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