Pupil Reaction To Light

Pupil Reaction to Light is narrowed but the pupils will widen when they see the darkness. Cataracts are eye diseases caused by white stains in the lens of the eye. Normal eye lens has oxygen and water so that light can penetrate the eye easily. The eye lens will always form a new cell. There are many factors that cause the lens of the eye to be solid, rough, hard, and opaque. Abnormal eye lenses cannot provide light to the retina and are sent to the optic nerve in the brain. The disease is present in tropical countries. Cataracts can cause permanent blindness. It is supported by many factors such as illness, health level, vitamin deficiency, nutrition, ultraviolet radiation, and age. Cataracts will affect the change in the lens of the eye that looks clear. Patients with cataracts may experience symptoms such as light-sensitive, and blurred vision. The light that the patient sees is a pseudo-circle. This disease will form a white stain in the middle of the lens in a short time. Patients with cataracts cannot receive light into the retina and the retina will produce a blurred image. Usually, this disease affects patients with 50 years old and over. Cataracts can affect infants due to disability and mothers who are infected with rubella virus.

Cataracts Pupil Reaction Light

Pupil Reaction To Light
Pupil Reaction To Light

Cataracts can be detected by performing an eye exam. Usually, the examination requires keratometer, Snellen cards, and slit lamp checks. Cataracts can be treated by surgery. Cataracts can be caused by cigarettes. Cigarettes contain free radicals that cause you to suffer from cataracts. Free radicals are electrons that have no pairs. Cadmium can also cause cataracts. Free radicals can produce malondialdehyde compounds that form crosslink’s between lipids and proteins. This bond causes the cell to become damaged. Cadmium is present in the cigarette and accumulates with the membrane to make your eyes damage. This substance can inhibit the performance of antioxidant enzymes so that the lens can experience obstacles. This substance will form a turbidity causing cataracts in your eyes for perrla eyes.

Cataract Pupil Reaction

Cataracts cannot react to light because the lens of the eye is covered by clouds. Cataracts can be prevented by giving vitamin E and C to make your eyes get clear vision. Vitamin E and C are natural antioxidants that will make your eyes experience oxidative damage. Adults who take these vitamins regularly can reduce cataract disease by about 60%. The results showed that high blood plasma concentrations can reduce the risk of cataract disease. Glutathione enzyme levels may be affected by riboflavin. This enzyme can recycle glutathione so it can make free radicals neutral.

Cataracts can be treated by performing surgical techniques with sophisticated technology. Good surgical results reached 95%. Cataract surgery has a small risk and this is rare. If the surgery is successful, the vision may increase to two lines. The examination uses a Snellen chart with certain calculations. There are some people who can be exposed to high-risk cataracts. You must stay away from the cause of cataracts. You can distinguish cataracts by looking at the color of the person’s eyeball. Cataracts can be treated through the treatment of medical and traditional experts. You can eat carrots to cure cataracts. This disease should not be considered trivial because cataracts can be a severe disease for your eyes. That’s the explanation of cataracts and Pupil Reaction To Light.

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