Refraction Eye Exam for Everybody

Refraction eye exam is also known as vision test which is usually given as a part of a routine eye examination. This test will decide whether you need the contact lenses or glasses. For the normal eye, you are able to read letters from 20 feet away and 3/8 inch of tall. The normal value is 20/20 vision. If you don’t have perfect vision, 20/20 vision, you get the refractive error of your eye. Refractive error means when the light passes through your eye’s lens, it is not blending properly. This test will make you use an additional prescription lens to have 20/20 vision.

Refraction Eye Exam for Everybody

You should check your vision regularly once a year minimum. To ensure you still have a perfect vision of your eye. This test will help the doctor to diagnose following conditions:

  • Myopia is also famous as nearsightedness
  • It is a refractive problem with your eye related to the lens’ shape which causes the blurry vision
  • It is a condition related to aging which causes the eye’s lens has trouble with focusing on something
  • Hyperopia is also famous as farsightedness

Beside the test can diagnose those conditions, this refraction eye exam also will help you to take more steps for certain following conditions to get a further medical check. The conditions are:

  • Retinal detachment. It happens when your retina detaches from the rest of your eye
  • Retina vessel occlusion. It is a condition which causes the small blood vessels near your retina to be blocked
  • Retinitis pigmentosa. It is a rare genetic condition which can damage your retina
  • Macular degeneration. It is a condition which is related to the aging which can affect the sharp central vision
Refraction Eye Exam for Everybody
Refraction Eye Exam for Everybody

You can take the test to ensure your eye doesn’t have any kind of those conditions which can force you to have the perceptional lens and use it wisely. In this era, the one who should take this kind of test is not for adult only, but the kids must have too. Many kids use gadget every day and it can cause the problem of their eyes, so you have to ensure that your kids still have perfect vision in their age.

The most common problem of the eye is myopia conditions. It is caused by the using of gadget or something like that every time, so they get the radiation from those things which caused their sight getting lower than normal vision. Thus, if you have kids or even you are using the technologies like gadget or PC, you need to take this test to ensure you still have the normal vision or not. If you don’t have normal vision, you should wear glasses in your daily activities and you should check your eyes for 6 months once to ensure your vision will not get lower and worse. If you didn’t take this refraction eye exam while you use gadget every day, absolutely it will make you disturb your activities cause of your bad vision.

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