Right Eye Twitching Superstition from Every Culture

You may have ever heard about the right eye twitching superstition that is believed by people around the world. It is safe to say that different culture may have a different superstition about the eye twitching while scientist also has its own explanation for the occurrence of eye twitching or known as myokymia.  As we know, it happens unexpectedly.

Right Eye Twitching Superstition from Every Culture

Right Eye Twitching Superstition from Every Culture
Right Eye Twitching Superstition from Every Culture

Well, we do not know when or where our eyes will twitch or jump. That’s why many cultures may believe that there is something happening when our eyes twitching so sudden. Before we learn about the scientific explanation of eye twitching, it must be great to learn about some superstitions that are shared within every culture.

  1. Eye Twitching Superstition in China

Let’s begin from eye twitching superstition that is believed in China. In this country, twitching happens on left and right eye has a different meaning. Moreover, the time also shows different meaning. For instance, if you get your right eye twitching at 11 pm until 1 am, it means that you are going to get a kind of invitation for feasting or partying. On the other hand, if you get the twitching at 1 am until 3 am, it is said that there is someone who is thinking about you.

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  1. Eye Twitching Superstition in India

Different with Chinese belief about right eye twitching, India people has its own belief about the phenomenon. In India, the meaning lies based on gender and part that twitches. In this case, right eye twitching superstition is usually about something that is good while left eye twitching usually means something bad happened. Then, gender also influent the meaning of eye twitching in India. At this point, if woman’s left eye is twitching, it means a good thing will happen; however, for a man, it means a bad sign.

  1. Eye Twitching Superstition in Africa

People in Africa who have a kind of superstition about eye twitching are Nigerians and Cameroonians. When it comes to Cameroon, left eye twitching indicates that you will cry. On the other hand, if the twitching happens on the upper part of the eye, it means that something unexpected will come to you. For Nigerians, the superstition is alike with Indians. In this case, they believe that right eye twitching means good sign while left eye means bad luck.

  1. Eye Twitching Superstition in Hawaii

For Hawaiian, there are three main superstitions about eye twitching which are shared by the people. When it comes to the left eye, it means that stranger is going to come to our home. However, it can be a sign of bad luck. Then, for the right eye, it is said that it indicates a baby will be born in the family.

Considering all the superstitions above, you may find that there are some similarities and differences among the superstitions in some different culture. Now, what scientist says about this phenomenon? Well, it is said that eye twitching may happen because of our eyes feeling discomfort or irritated. In this case, our blink rate will enhance because of the discomfort which then makes our eyes twitching or jumping. That’s all about right eye twitching superstition from every culture.

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