Stye In Your Eye: Types and Treatment

Have you heard about stye or maybe get a stye in your eye? You all may know what condition is. It is the condition in which the eyelid has hordeolum or also called as a stye. The hordeolum itself can be inside or outside and although it’s small it is painful to be touched. Stye itself is an abscess that is filled with pus. For the case itself, the common one is there is eye infection of staphylococcus bacteria. Even though the bacteria is the same with pinkeye, for this condition it will not contagious as pinkeye. Many people actually experience this condition one or two times in their life.

Types of Stye

Stye In Your Eye Types and Treatment
Stye In Your Eye Types and Treatment

Moreover, there are several types of a stye that you all must know. By knowing the types of it indeed you are able to the best treatment to make it better. Actually, there are only two types of stye you should know and for the first one is called as an external stye. This condition happens when there is a small stye next to your eyelash. It can be red, swelling and Refraction Eye Exam indeed painful for some days. After that, it will be burst then heal. You don’t need to worry because this type is usually short-lived.

Meanwhile, about another stye in your eye is called as internet stye. As its name, the spot will be on the underside of your lid. Almost the same with the external one, here you will find stye spot becomes swelling, red and paid fully. For the location itself usually on the eyelid. Different from the external stye this one may leave such a small module or fluid-filled cyst. That is why you need to open it.


After that what is the cause of stye? Usually, this condition is caused by bacteria called as staphylococcal bacteria. The bacteria is actually often live on people’s skin surface so it’s possible for us to get stye more than once a time in life. Not only it, chalazion becomes another cause of stye and it happens when there is a blockage in eyelid gland ducts. The oily substance which is blocked will be trapped and it triggers a pimple in the eyelid. Thus if you have a stye, there are two possibilities why you get it.


Furthermore for those who are getting a stye, actually there will be several treatments which you can do here. By doing the best treatments indeed you will get well soon and be confident to pass your day without stye on your eyelid anymore.

  1. Using salve

For the next one is you use salve which is special for a stye. Just apply it to a pimple and then you will get the benefits some days later. In this case, it is better to ask to doctor in choosing the salve.

  1. Seeing doctor

When you think that the stye condition becomes worse the best thing to do is seeing to doctor and get the medicine soon. You can do it if there is something different with a stye in your eye.