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Understanding the Eye Exam Light on Eye Medications

The eye exam light has been used on so many medications in understanding whether there is something wrong with the eye condition. In this case, your eyes will be one of the most vital organs in your body. Keeping it normal and in good condition will enable you in doing your daily activities easily. In some institutions, the eye examination is also required for employee hiring procedure. The basic test can be the pupil test, physical eye test and also the color blind test. Here, before understanding each of the tests you should also know the importance of eye checking on one’s condition

Understanding the Eye Exam Light on Eye Medications
Understanding the Eye Exam Light on Eye Medications

The first test that will be done in eye examination is the physical checking. In physical checking, the exam conductor will do some procedures that will enable them in examining the condition of the patient’s eyes. The first is to see the eyebrow and eyelash condition. The eyebrows should spread as the width of the eye, which will make it balanced. Then, for the eyelash, it has to be curved upward so it will be considered as normal eyelashes. You can also retract the lower lid to see the conjunctivae. Besides, you can also choose to see any abnormality like eyelid sagging and droop on the patient’s eyes.

The second, the most popular test is the Understanding the Eye Exam Light on Eye Medications. This is a test which will enable the exam conductor to see whether someone’s pupil is normal or not. In this case, you have to use a tool that can produce the light beam. We recommend the penlight for getting the light beam on your patient’s eyes. In this case, you can place the light beam obliquely on the patient’s pupils. Then, you have to see the reaction occurring on the eyes. The normal pupils will have PERL (Pupils Equal Reactive to Light) with no RAPD (Relative Afferent Pupillary Defect).

The third test which can be conducted in examining the eyes’ normality is the color blind tests. The test can be conducted by using such a simple way. You will get the patient a book in which consists of the patterns of colors. There are many colors that can be seen there. If the patient has color blind, they will not be able in detecting the numbers made by the color pattern on the books. There are two kinds of color-blind condition, which are the partial and total color blind.

Those three tests have a different purpose in determining someone’s eye health. The physical examination will figure out how the physical condition of the eyes can be seen. The second test which is the pupil examination will also figure out how the pupils react to the light. The pupils will also react to the light by getting wider or thinner. This will make your eyes to be examined perfectly by the experts. Those assessments are actually easy to do. But to get the most accurate result you have to be treated by the professionals, especially the eye exam light.

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