Watery Eye Baby: Causes and Treatment

As it is known that babies are very sensitive to all the things surrounding them like watery eyes baby. This is actually a problem commonly found among the babies. About the symptoms itself, your baby eyes maybe will get redness, watery eyes and also redness. This condition maybe doesn’t indicate such a serious problem. However, it can be worse when there is no treatment done. In another word, as parents you need to know well about this kind of problem and to get a further information relating to it, there is some explanation about the causes and treatment of watery eyes in babies as in the following paragraphs.

Causes of Watery Eyes in Babies

To begin with, indeed the thing that you have to know well is about the causes of watery eyes in babies. In this case actually, there are several causes which can cause the problem.

  1. Infection

Infection like pinkeye can be one of the reasons why your baby gets watery eyes. Here it is one of the symptoms happens and about the other symptoms of pinkeye are discharge and redness in eyes. This infection occurs because of fungi, viruses or bacteria. The important thing you need to know here is pinkeye is highly contagious so it can pass easily to another family member.

  1. Tear Ducts

About another cause that can trigger watery eyes baby is tear duct. In the eyes, there is tear duct and when it is blocked in your baby, of course, tears cannot drain normally. In this condition the symptoms not only watery eyes but also there are others like pus-like discharge and then redness.

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Treatments for Watery Eyes in Babies

Watery Eye Baby Causes and Treatment
Watery Eye Baby Causes and Treatment

Moreover how about the treatments which can be done for watery eyes in babies? Actually, there are some best treatments which you can do to help your baby to avoid worsening condition caused by watery eyes. In addition, what are those treatments?

  1. Using Eye Drop

You may know that eye drop can be one of the solutions to help your babies here. By the use of eye drop, it actually will help your baby to relieve the symptoms or it can resolve the infection. In choosing the eye drop itself, you should be careful. You may ask the doctor first to get the best one.

  1. Using Warm Water

Besides using eye drop, another treatment which you can do is using warm water. Here you should prepare towel and warm water. The step has you wet the towel with warm water prepared after that hold it in his closed eyelids gently. By doing this you will help your baby to clean the eyes and indeed it can make them better.

  1. Seeing the doctor

If all of that treatment above doesn’t give you any change of your baby condition, it is your time to see the doctor. By doing this of course you can prevent such a worsening condition. Even it’s better you see the doctor as soon as possible in order that your baby will get well soon from the watery eyes baby problem.