Watery Eye Toddler: About Pinkeye

Watery Eye Toddler About Pinkeye
Watery Eye Toddler About Pinkeye

If you have children, it is good for you to know many things about children health including about watery eye toddler. As it is known that this condition is something common, but it doesn’t mean that you should not need to know about it. In this case, watery eyes in toddler actually happen because of several kinds of the causes and one of them is called as pinkeye. Also called as conjunctivitis, pinkeye has some characteristics such as redness and watery eyes. Hence when you find your children get the symptoms above, thus you should do the treatment as soon as possible.

About Pinkeye

Talking more about pinkeye itself, here you should know that the eyes may get inflammation in the area conjunctiva and the characteristics of this condition are there will be redness or maybe pinkness in the eyes and also watery eyes. For the causes itself as like mentioned before that it happens when there are certain allergen or irritant, infection, bacterial, Symptoms and viruses. For the bacterial and viral infection, this condition is so contagious because both bacterial and viruses are able to pass to other people easily.

Causes of Pinkeye

Moreover, to make you get a further information about watery eye toddler here is the possible cause of pinkeye. Actually, the previous paragraph has mentioned some of the causes like:

  1. Virus

For the first one is a virus as the most common cause of pinkeye or we also can call it as conjunctivitis. Your children can get the viruses when they play on the ground or maybe they get it from their friends who suffer pinkeye first like Watery Eye Baby.

  1. Bacteria

Besides another cause of pinkeye is bacteria. In this case, one of the symptoms which you can find is the children’s eyes produce an abnormal yellow discharge. Commonly the discharge is thick so it makes the eyelids stick together. Some bacteria which can cause pinkeye are streptococcus, Hemophilus, and Staphylococcus.

  1. Allergen

In the third thing which is the causes of pinkeye is an allergen. It means that your child may have an allergy to certain allergens. Thus when they contact to the allergen some symptoms like watery eyes, itchy, and runny nose happen.

  1. Irritant

We know that there are several irritants of eyes that you may know such as pollen, dust, and smoke. Those irritants actually can cause pinkeye as well in which one of the common symptoms that children get is watery eyes.

Of course all of the things above maybe something bad. Although it will make the children get the certain serious problem you don’t think that this matter is unimportant. On the contrary, you should get more and more information relating to pinkeye or conjunctivitis since more you know it can help you to help your children to be better. Then the treatment is important too in which you must bring your children as soon as possible in order that they will not get such a bad condition like watery eye toddler, itchy eyes, and others.