What You Need to Know About Perrla Pupils

Perla pupils or famously known as pupils equal round reactive to light and accommodation is a kind of test, which show how your pupil react to the exposure of light and how they focus towards moving object. A certain states of your pupil may indicate that you are currently suffer from a disease, which affect your eyes such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Here is what you need to know about Perrla pupils.

P stands for pupils

Pupils in Perrla mean the pupil on the patient’s eye. Your doctor or nurse will use a handheld flashlight or pen torch to see your pupil, checking the presence of the pupil on both eyes. Your eyes will be exposed by the light in some ways to see how your pupil reacts.

E stands for equal

Equal means the size of both of your pupil should be the same. Your doctor or nurse will use a ruler to determine the size of your pupil when it is dilated under the exposure of light and constricted under no light at all condition. To measure your pupil size in dark place, a special lamp called Burton’s lamp is used to expose your eyes.

R is for round

Round means the shape of your pupil should be like that. Round is the shape of normal pupil. Note will be taken if your doctor see abnormalities in the shape of your pupil. The shape of the pupil can be seen without a pen torch or handheld flashlight.

The L is all about the lights

This is a test where your eyes will be exposed by light to see how your pupil reacts. This is a major component in PERRLA test and can determine a big portion of your eye and health condition. The doctor will note the time needed for your pupil to constrict under the light from the pen torch. After checking with both eyes, which usually have the same time needed to constrict (if normal), the doctor then continue to the last test which is the accommodation test. You will be stated to have a normal eyes if your pupil’s light test grade is 3++.

Last but not least, the A is accomodation

Perrla Pupils
Perrla Pupils

Accommodation is a state where your eyes are focused into a moving object. The movement object should be a mix between far away and going in toward your eyes. During the accommodation, the constriction and convergence of your pupil will be observed and your doctor will take note on the change of the pupil size and eye movement. Same like the light test, normal eyes should have an accommodation grades of 3++.

When you take the PERRLA eye test, it is important that you take it before you feel anything wrong because early test can prevent you from further harm of an unknown disease you currently have. After knowing what disease you are having (if there is any), it is a great thing to have an early action to recover yourself and back to your normal health. A lot of people think that taking pupil response test is not important. Although you are not having any disease, it is suggested that you do the test every two or three years. Perrla pupils is good for you and can safe from a chronic disease.